The Bridge

Hey all, This week I wrote HERE for an awesome community of women here in KC. I’ve had various people ask if I wrote this with them in mind and I absolutely did..each of you…personally and specifically 😉 I’m hearing stories of people in seasons of new vision and calls to freedom like never before. Their…… Continue reading The Bridge

Hope for the Empty Shell

My kids are going to have memories of me pulling the car over to chase down photo opportunities of random flowers and trees, which I’m hoping doesn’t require too many hours of future counseling. I pray in their own way they realize the value in seeking and seeing beauty even in the most familiar places. The trees…… Continue reading Hope for the Empty Shell

The Second Chance Life

You only live once. YOLO. People everywhere thought this edgy, throw-caution-to-the-wind approach to life was front page news for a quick, pop culture minute. Finally, a hashtag that truly captures the meaning to all of life! If you’ve lived long enough you know this mantra is as old as Eve biting into a piece of forbidden fruit.…… Continue reading The Second Chance Life

The Awkward Wedding Day

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last December. Our traditional December wedding was dreamy…tiered candelabras, white bows adorning each pew, red roses and white lily bouquets, my scoop neck crystal white gown, his red paisley vest tucked under a sharp black tux. Aside from the church’s royal blue carpet, all was perfection. As far as…… Continue reading The Awkward Wedding Day

A Letter to Myself for Next December…

December seems to be a particularly difficult month for women. Maybe people in general, but I hear it most from women. Expectations, demands, schedules, emotions…they all get twisted up in our Christmas crazy culture and we lose sight of what’s really important. I wrote this in January after a challenging December. I pray it serves…… Continue reading A Letter to Myself for Next December…

Girl on a Mission

I’m easily distracted. If you know me well, don’t laugh…I know you’re laughing. So much so that I’ve read articles on adult ADD just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking a clinical problem (thank you, WebMD). I forget things, important things sometimes, and miss the details of life like parent-teacher conferences for example. Super smart…… Continue reading Girl on a Mission