5 Things I’m Not Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Thoughts of gratitude are flowing thick in our house, which also brings to mind a few things I’m not feeling particularly thankful for this year…

1. Coffee- it has been about eight years since you first showed up at our house and now I can’t get you to leave. You’re demanding, pretentious, and bitter. My husband looks forward to you every morning…and afternoon…and I tolerate you only because I love him.

2. Adele- how could you? You’re making us all emotional wrecks. I hope you’re happy. 25…pssshhhfff. Call me back in 10 years and we’ll chat.

3. Anthropologie- you lure us in with those cute, cheap mugs and then hit us over the head with your delicious smelling candles. All good sense and judgment fails, then the next thing you know we’re justifying the purchase of an overpriced frilly emerald blouse with white flamingos.

4. The Library- who else in the world lends things without limits? Your generosity overwhelms my lack of control in the area of literature. You should be thanking me for my annual contributions in overdue charges. A small plaque with our name on it would be nice.

5. Facebook’s Time Hop- one minute we’re scrolling through funny dog memes and the next we’re tearing up over how little our kids were three short years ago. You’re messing with our ability to engage in social media without guilt.

All joking aside, gratitude has settled down deep in my heart this year. Maybe this heightened sense of thankfulness is because the suffering in this big world reminds me just how small I am? Maybe it’s because the acute suffering in this world reminds me of how big our love can be in the right moment to the right person? Both realities give me pause to count my blessings. Not the surface blessings I might be tempted to focus on in the light of day, but the harder to see ones that shine in dark moments.

Photo Credit: Imijfoto

I’m thankful for a marriage of nearly 16 years where we still love each other like crazy.
I’m thankful for the opportunity to be Mom to three amazing little people.
I’m thankful for family and friends who can love and be loved regardless of time or distance.
I’m thankful for places of influence where God uses me to love others on His behalf.
I’m thankful for past experiences that have taught me to see people first, not problems.
I’m thankful for the power of story, and how sharing our stories brings far off people and places closer together.
I’m thankful I am loved beyond measure by a God who doesn’t let go.

What are you truly thankful for this year? In your quiet moments, what really matters to you and how can you move into this Christmas season remembering that which matters most?

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