Be the Sister

“Go make it right with her.” It’s my most popular mom-ism lately. We’re one week into summer and my three daughters are squaring off over everything from sharing a coveted pack of gum to whose responsibility it is to haul in the slew of riding toys left in the cul-de-sac after dark. No object or opinion is safe from swift sisterly accusations at any given moment. This morning it was a 4” stuffed toy dog that through my two youngest into fits of kicking and hysterics. I was tempted to remove the dog, but it wasn’t really the dog’s fault. I was tempted to remove the children, but it was raining outside and some people might frown on inclement weather parenting tactics. The only remaining choice was to remove myself, so I laid ground rules and stepped away. They had to make it right with each other. That means, address the other person’s specific hurts with apologies and accept forgiveness as well. After all, I’m raising daughters today, but I’m raising sisters for life.                                                                                                IMG_1915I’m a mom raising up daughters who will go on to be someone else’s best friend, my grandchildren’s aunts, someone’s sister-in-law, a college roommate, teammates, leaders, employees…More importantly I’m raising sisters: my girls are sisters within our immediate family but also sisters to future friends and family as well (to my children’s future in-laws, you’re welcome). My parenting goal is to raise up girls into women who know the influence and value they have within relationships. Life is fuller and richer when we know our role and live with purpose. As daughters of God we have a sisterhood because we share a common Heavenly Father with anyone in God’s family. This sisterhood comes with certain responsibilities and honors. What defines a sister?

For starters…

Sisters love confidently and generously

Sisters don’t care if your room, house, or life is a mess

Sisters sit by your side during mundane hours

Sisters are quick to laugh and cry with you

Sisters hold each other accountable

Sisters show up

Sisters cheer you on when you doubt yourself

Sisters stand by your side when life hurts

Sisters remember

Sisters say sorry and expect the same in return

Sisters can’t wait to tell you about their latest find

Sisters live with a holy confidence for themselves and others

Sisters celebrate when you succeed

Sisters understand seasons and minds change

Sisters talk with their Heavenly Father on their sisters’ behalf

Who comes to mind when you read this list? Who are the people in your sisterhood? Have you let them know how much you appreciate and treasure them lately? Be the sister you want others to be for you. Relationships are never perfect, but the best ones are so worth it all.


5 thoughts on “Be the Sister

  1. Sisters also don’t rub your nose in past failures either real,or failures that they perceive that you have done when they are angry with you. Anger isn’t always justified and by throwing up the stones of the past, especially things that you shared with them in trust can really damage trust and ruin a friendship.


    1. Aw, you’re so right, Julie. Sisters live from a place of trust and forgiveness before God and each other. Sometimes that takes time, space, and healing…I pray your sister relationships, both old and new, experience fresh love and grace.


  2. You sound like you’re on the right track with parenting. Getting them to restore their relationship with each other is gold. Sisters and brothers are your friends for life. I had 3 boys and they fought but grew up to be the best of friends. Which makes my mom heart happy.


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