A Priceless Work of Art

  One of my favorite places in all of Kansas City is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. As a preschooler in the ’80s I walked those gray marble halls to my first art class in the museum’s lower level and still, to this day, wonder whether that waxy security guard just might be real. A…… Continue reading A Priceless Work of Art

Changing Lanes

My blinker is on and I’m checking the rearview mirrors. Please excuse us as we merge over. This summer, we’re pulling out of the fast lane. Our girls were in three different schools this year. That means three carpool schedules, twelve different teachers, three schools communicating through emails and take home papers. Gotta love take home papers. Then there…… Continue reading Changing Lanes

Girl on a Mission

I’m easily distracted. If you know me well, don’t laugh…I know you’re laughing. So much so that I’ve read articles on adult ADD just to make sure I wasn’t overlooking a clinical problem (thank you, WebMD). I forget things, important things sometimes, and miss the details of life like parent-teacher conferences for example. Super smart…… Continue reading Girl on a Mission

Brooms and Band-Aids

Admitting we are wrong is tough business. As someone who’s followed Jesus for nearly 17 years, realizing I have blind spots of self-reliance and self-righteousness is no easy truth to swallow. Part of me (a big part) wants to be a perfect daughter for my perfect Heavenly Father. One of Jesus’ messages to His followers…… Continue reading Brooms and Band-Aids