Anxiety’s Worst Enemy

Someone besides me needs to hear this today… Anxiety says, “You can’t do this on your own.” Surrender says, “You were never meant to.” These words came to mind this morning as I looked ahead into the next few months contemplating goals, deadlines, and desires I have for my family and myself. We’re no strangers…… Continue reading Anxiety’s Worst Enemy

Once Upon a Teahouse

It happened at a teahouse in California. I looked down our long, sparsely shaded table in the back garden of a quaint teahouse and remembered the worth of presence. From my seat I sat listening to the happy banter and clinking teaspoons of my husband, our three daughters and dear friends. Brimming teapots and dollops…… Continue reading Once Upon a Teahouse

Chasing Rainbows of Perfection

I have a problem. Trying to write about it has only made the problem more glaringly obvious. I sat down to write about perfectionism paralysis on Monday. My last two blog posts were finalized in about twenty minutes. This one is going on four long days. Honestly, it’s getting humorous. Instead of thinking there’s a…… Continue reading Chasing Rainbows of Perfection