Are You Free to Fight?

We’ll fight for what we believe is true. The more personal the truth hits, the deeper we’re willing to go in our battle to defend and uphold it. Think about every hot-button issue you are willing to fight for whether that be in a one-on-one conversation, joining an organization assigned to the cause, writing about it, teaching about it, sharing or ‘liking’ social media campaigns for it, or even the ultimate sacrifice of our safety and very life fighting preserve the truth. What injustice flies in the face of your deeply rooted beliefs? How are you willing to fight for it?

IMG_4523A couple weeks ago I spoke with a group of women about what it means to be battle ready in your faith and fight from a place of victory. In this teaching (unedited video linked HERE [I come on about 2 min in]) I ask 4 questions to get us thinking about our ability and  motivation to fight our battles…

  1. Are you Aware?
  2. Are you Awake?
  3. Are you Armed?
  4. Are you Active?

When The Bible became personal when I started asking hard questions about life and truth. Who is God and what does He say is true? What does that mean for my life? I’m 17 years into unraveling those answers, but the core of what I learned hasn’t changed; God is my perfect Heavenly Father and Holy King, Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer, He says I am His daughter and kingdom rep here on Earth…and His because of His grace, I am free and eternal freedom lightens every earthly burden I’ve ever carried. 

Jesus made a fighter out of me. He took a disengaged, misdirected kid drowning in self-reliance and showed me what God-reliance looks like. It looks like love, mercy, surrender, humility, forgiveness, jGod will catch every doubt you throw and hand it back to you in a promise.oy, and hope. They were things I didn’t know actually existed beyond movies and novels. When I discovered their existence in a life of God-reliance, I knew it was worth fighting for.

However, the more I know God the shorter my fuse has grown for things like worry, anxiety, stifling rules, hopelessness, perfectionism, our own failing willpower, depression, regrets, and fear of death. On the other hand, my understanding and empathy for the people suffering in and from them has increased significantly. Because of the freedom I know, I’m able to fight for the freedom of others with the weapons God has given me (Ephesians 6). Freedom from those areas is personal to me because I know every one of them by name, and have lived chained to them by one degree or another. If I can be free, so you can you.

Galatians 5:1 says, “it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”  Freedom is a personal experience. It’s something that’s meant to be exercised and enjoyed. God’s definition of it means it’s been done on our behalf, and we can receive the gift and use it accordingly. Fighting for the freedom in others isn’t a burden, it’s a privilege and honor.

It’s time we get honest, go deep with our questions about what we’re willing to fight for, and throw caution to the wind. God will catch every doubt you throw at Him and hand it back to you in a promise. 



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