Because December…

  Because December comes, I will be awake. I will proclaim God’s glory in the light of day because December nights are long. Roll down the windows, shake your slumbered senses awake, and remember the joy of living. December has a way of rattling our false sense of permanency, doesn’t it? We turn over our calendars to…… Continue reading Because December…

5 Things I’m Not Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Thoughts of gratitude are flowing thick in our house, which also brings to mind a few things I’m not feeling particularly thankful for this year… 1. Coffee- it has been about eight years since you first showed up at our house and now I can’t get you to leave. You’re demanding, pretentious, and bitter.…… Continue reading 5 Things I’m Not Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Raising Lifelong Readers (with book lists!)

In one fell swoop reading great books enhances our children’s relational, academic, social, emotional, and creative intelligences. A story can take us to the end of our own experiences and beyond; into worlds of imagination where we’d never dreamed of going on our own. For thirteen years I’ve been sharing my love of stories with my…… Continue reading Raising Lifelong Readers (with book lists!)

Hope for the Empty Shell

My kids are going to have memories of me pulling the car over to chase down photo opportunities of random flowers and trees, which I’m hoping doesn’t require too many hours of future counseling. I pray in their own way they realize the value in seeking and seeing beauty even in the most familiar places. The trees…… Continue reading Hope for the Empty Shell

The Second Chance Life

You only live once. YOLO. People everywhere thought this edgy, throw-caution-to-the-wind approach to life was front page news for a quick, pop culture minute. Finally, a hashtag that truly captures the meaning to all of life! If you’ve lived long enough you know this mantra is as old as Eve biting into a piece of forbidden fruit.…… Continue reading The Second Chance Life